[TIME] for Round Top!

ponder - round top

  • a space to experience

  • a place to be refreshed



Greek - [anapsuxis]

- a recovery of breath, a refreshing

- a cooling off

- properly, breathe easily (again)

- 'reviving with fresh air'

This word is one of the only words that describes the experience of Ponder - Round Top!

And the only time this Greek word is used is in Acts 3:20…

that times of refreshing would come from the presence of the Lord...
— Acts 3:20


Greek - [kairos]

-an opportune time

-derived from kara ("head") referring to things "coming to a head" to take full-advantage of

-a favorable moment




Greek - [prosópon]

- face


JOIN US on September 20-22 in Round Top!

SAME unique space! NEW tools & experiences from PONDER!

Start your fall off with us and return home with tools for your own ongoing conversation with God… and new tools to help you keep pondering with a few, some, or many!

pierced through for [PEACE]

pierced through for [PEACE]

We are healed! Work backwards through this verse. You will find contrast & purpose! This Holy Week think on the cross through the lens of these words of Isaiah. Add pictures and personalize the scene of the cross.

“I am healed! I am stitched together. Mended. Repaired.

Ponder that. Thank God for that! Celebrate the mending!

He has sewn us back together by His brokenness.

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