miracles [SEEN]

As He was going, they were spreading their coats on the road.

As soon as He was approachingnear the descent of the Mount of Olives,

the whole crowd of the disciples began to

praise God joyfully with a [loud voice]

for all the [miracles] 

which they had [seen],



Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!"

Luke 19:36-38

The followers of Jesus were getting loud! Waving palms & throwing their coats on the road! Paving the way for a King on a donkey! The picture may be familiar to us…

but let’s enter the scene. Enter into the crowd this week. Enter into the spirit and truth of what was happening on that road.

This scene that was 2,000 years ago is also the backdrop of today. We ARE on the road. And there is a KING coming!

So enter into the joyful, loud voices! Today...REMEMBER!

All the miracles that you have seen & experienced!

Write them down! Talk about them! Be mindful of what He has done!

Look back. He has performed miracles in your life… Recount them.

Look forward. Jesus is coming!! He will triumphantly enter again!
Most likely these are familiar words and images...Don't let familiarity keep you from the experience of these words!

Live joyfully this week with this picture of a coming King as your backdrop!


  • Write the verses & phrases above down! These words give us specifics on the triumphal entry & re-entry of our King!

  • As you write down these verses, take note of the details of the crowd. What are they doing? Saying? Picture it!

  • Write down miracles! Make quick lists or long prayers. Just start turning your mind to what you have seen Him do!

miracles seen2.jpg



  • Remember the powerful things He has done… it will change the way we pray for things now. He is able. We have seen it.

  • Engage in simple questions that come from the passage - "What miracles have I seen?" - "Have I become silent?"


  • Remember to use playlists on Spotify or make your own.

  • Listen to this song. It has haunted my mind in the best way this season. It is short. A prelude. So listen to it twice! May it be your anthem this week!

  • The King is Coming!

P O N D E R news!

We had a full house in Round Top this past weekend! Miracles were seen and experienced! We are joyfully thanking Him for what we got to experience together! Thank you to the MANY gifted people on our team who created such an extraordinary space to


Stay tuned for info on Round Top in September and other Ponder Spaces in your area and online.

Contact us at ponder.info@gmail.com with any questions!