[THRONE] views

and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

[fixing our eyeson Jesus,

the author and perfecter of faith

who for [the joy] set before Him

 endured the crossdespising the shame,

and has sat down at the right hand of [the throneof God.

Hebrew 12:1-2

Keep it simple this week. Keep your eyes on the end game! Jesus did.

Ponder the view that Jesus had on the way to the cross. He endured for “for the JOY set before Him”!

His eyes were set - looking past the cross. He saw the Father at the throne!

He saw HIs seat. His rightful seat.

This week. TURN your gaze as you live in these phrases. They will take you to places of royalty & kingdoms.

Confidence, mercy, grace, help, TRIUMPH - find these at the throne.

See all that is stirring in and around you in light of THIS VIEW!


  • Write this verse out as a prayer - changing your view


  • Dig into these words! Take one at a time. Give them space and conversation with the LORD & others!

  • Fix your eyes” does not mean what you might first imagine! It is one word in the Greek. DIG IN!

    And take note: The root word [HORAO} - to see, to become acquainted with by experience!

    It all comes back to experience - not knowledge or facts!

  • As you dig into words - build pictures around with other verses!

    i.e. {THRONE} - the verses in Hebrews tell us how close we can get to the throne and what comes from the throne!

  • TALK about these words with a few people this week! Their ideas, their questions, their insights - will bring life to this passage.

fixing eyes.jpg


This anthem! Let these words pour over you all week! Listen. Write down phrases & words that stick out to you. Sing these words. Proclaim it out loud! Use all the senses. Maybe even listen to this song as you watch the dark DISAPPEAR and become LIGHT!




  • Keep turning your head. Turning your eyes. Keep talking to God and others about your view.

  • He will remind you to stop staring at all the things you cast off last week. No looking at things that have been thrown off and laid aside! Focus your gaze on Him.

  • View all that goes on this week through the view of where Jesus is NOW - victorious - on the throne! Live in the present reality!

  • “Turn your eyes… And the things of earth will grow strangely dim… in the light of His GLORY & GRACE”