[lay aside] & untangle


Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us,

...let us also

 [lay aside]

every [encumbrance] & the sin which so

easily [entangles] us

and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

fixing our eyes on Jesus,

the author and perfecter of faith

who for the joy set before Him

 endured the crossdespising the shame,

and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Hebrew 12:1-2

The words of Hebrews 12 are familiar. But let’s move through them slowly these two weeks.

These words will take us on a journey if we let them. An epic story that we get to participate in!

With the beauty of clouds, the hardship of burdens & the mystery of becoming untangled, this is a story to experience!

The characters - those who have gone before, you and Jesus.

It includes races & paths… a cross and then a throne!

Start with the first “let us” words = LAY ASIDE, ENCUMBRANCE, EASILY ENTANGLED

These are easily understood because they are FELT! See where these words TAKE YOU!

Pay close attention to the setting of verse 1 - what a backdrop!



  • Write out all of Hebrews 12:1-2. It’s long, familiar & loaded with rich words! Leave S P A C E as you write.

  • Pause as you write. Write slowly. See the progression of this epic story!

  • THIS WEEK try and stay on verse 1. Use this week as SPACE for truly living in conversation surrounding these words.
    {lay-aside} {encumbrance} {sin} {easily entangled}

  • Try writing out prayers… things tend to flow out and be revealed through the pen.


lay aside defined.jpg


  • Click here for the word {lay aside} in Greek. Scroll down and find a treasure of verses where this word is used. Dig and you will find specific things to put OFF & put ON. Use your paper Bible as you look at this other verses. The verses around them have even more treasures of what to PUT ON… as you are casting off.

  • Where else are CLOUDS seen? Don’t miss this! Treat yourself! Click here and scroll down to read through verses about CLOUDS! Enjoy the imagery & truth that surround this word!



  • Take this week and keep talking to God about the words in Hebrew 12:1.

  • Hesitate. Pause. It takes TIME & SPACE to become aware of what is “easily entangling” and “skillfully” choking us.

  • Cast off. Lay aside. Let God reveal through the week and then… confess and let go! Make this an ongoing conversation. An exchange. We like to hurry through these types of conversations. We want quick answers to what we need to confess so we can move on! Fight the need to move on too quickly.

  • Keep thinking about the setting of this whole verse… Who is surrounding you? And why does that matter in the casting off of sin and weights?


  • Look to the skies! Go cloud watching! Talk to God about the “cloud of witnesses” that circle around you. Remember this is the setting the CASTING OFF!

  • Go on a walk - asking the Lord what you need to throw off. Look for rocks - and start throwing them! Physically cast them off!

  • Listen to Knees to the Earth - by Watermark - Take the physical posture of confession and let the words of this song paint pictures to sing.

  • Start listening and praying songs focused on the Cross. It will be easier to live in these verses with those anthems playing as your background music.

    You can use the Ponder {the Cross} playlist!

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