let it {SHINE} - literally!

may His countenance/face SHINE on you (Numbers 6:24-26)

simply SENSE it, experience it, know it

simply SENSE: /sens/

  • feeling: a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus

  • awareness: a feeling that something is the case

How can we experience something as esoteric as God’s face?

Through the senses!

We will be practicing setting the words into motion.


Sit in the sun.

Outside if possible. Inside if necessary.

Let the sun SHINE on you.

Yes! A physical sign given to us to experience and walk in this verse.

He is LIGHT and He SHINES on us.

So sit. Engage in the sign He has granted in nature.

Feel the warmth. Sit in silence or mull over the words from yesterday.

Put the words in the middle of whatever is going on in your life right now.

Let the sun, the light, the presence of God shine on you. Your situation. Your people.

Let it be a reminder and conversation starter of Him entering into it all.

As you feel the sun… take notice - sense. Listen.

If your skies are cloudy…

Find a fireplace. Feel the warmth. Anything with LIGHT SHINING!

Do something PHYSICAL to remind you of the face of God shining on you.

OR search for the sun! Looking to the skies. Expectant. Waiting for rays of sunshine to peak through.

Some call this “hippy homework”!

I call it… I have to do this. Wrestle. Discover. Experience all I can to get the words off the page and into my everyday mess.

How blessed 

are the people

 who know

 the joyful sound!


they walk

 in the light 

of Your countenance. Psalm 89:15

May the LORD lift up - carry His face to you today… may you know that look in His eye…

and may that look give you - wholeness - a sound mind - PEACE!

  • Tomorrow more senses to explore this weekend. Hint: they will come from these words in Psalm 89:15.

  • Did you look at the word LIFT yesterday? Do it. Come back to it. It gave me much relief to be reminded that He carries, He lifts up, He bears. I don’t have to conjure up enough words, prayers, faith or anything for His face to appear. He does the heavy lifting. He carries His face to me.