[sounds] & anthems - for the road

day 3-5: know the [joyful sounds]

(on the road)

Lovingkindness and truth

go before You.

(picture that… those two things are leading the way)

How blessed 

are the people

 who know

 the joyful sound!


they walk (on the road)

 in the light 

of Your countenance. Psalm 89:15

joyful sound - [teruah]

  • an alarm; a signal

  • a shout; a blast (for march)

  • root word: TO shout; TO raise a sound

Who is making the noise? Reread above. Write it out. Think about it.

God? Us?

What kind of sound is it?

Do joyful sounds come from His presence, His face shining?

Does this happen as we walk - in it?

The verse that follows (vs.16) says… “we rejoice in His name all the day!”

So there it is. Another exchange.

We have had an exchange of glances. Our face to His face.

Now enter the exchange of NOISE and sound!

His sounds. His voice. Our voice. Mingled together on the road.

Picture it.

Picture the story in the words of Psalm 89 written in your journal.

Personalize it. Picture it.

  • lovingkindness & truth - leading - out front

  • you - surrounded by light - on the road

  • you - getting acquainted - first hand with the joyful sounds

  • as you WALK - walking IN the light shining on you

  • the light coming from God’s face - His presence


Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise,

who shout on parade in the bright presence of God.

PS. 89:15 -The Message

Be mindful of this “parade” this weekend!

You are on the road. Turn the volume up on this conversation. Find an anthem!

  • [An-them] = a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.

Choose some songs that will be your anthem for the road these 40 days. Songs that create conversation.

Make your own playlist or use ours. (They don’t have to be “Christian songs”. The Doobie Brothers are on my playlist for this season!)

Let these create the background music for your journey, your parade!

Below is an ANTHEM for the road. Let the words soak in.

It is on our playlist for this season and for Round Top!

Tune in to the noises, alarms, shouts of God through music and all of His creation.

We are on the road! Getting reacquainted with His face. Turning our faces toward Him. Starting the conversation. Next week we will continue in the senses of seeing & hearing. Look & Listen as you are on the road. Literally & figuratively. You may be on vacation for spring break. Or a staycation! Wherever you are next week… I pray that sounds, alarm, and anthems run through your heart, mind, eyes & ears!

When you can. Get out your paper Bible. Look at Psalm 89:15. The verses in front of it and after it. You can do this on your phone or computer BUT it is not the same sensory wise. Having the entire paper page in view makes your mind see things you won’t on the screen. It reminds your brain of the relationships between the words.