join the {CONVERSATION} this season

We are about to enter into a conversation!

A lively, real, exchange.

An exchange between you & God.

And hopefully that conversation will overflow into others around you.

We call it pondering. It is an ongoing conversation with God & others.

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An exchange!

Did you know the word {PRAYER} literally means “to exchange”?


  • prós - "towards, exchange"

  • euxe - "a wish, prayer"

  • —an exchange of wishes!

In a conversation there is room.

There is SPACE.

Space for belief. Space for doubting.

Space for Him to be seen and heard.


A few of us have been pondering one word at at time for a few years.

Giving words SPACE. Staying on them…

Not for study sake. But for “hanging on for dear life” sake!

Otherwise known as [abiding]. Staying connected and remaining in words we see and hear.

This movement of words has spread - not via internet.

But via conversation. Person to person.

The last two years I have posted online to a few during the 40 days of Lent.

So here we go. Year 3. (Past posts are not online anymore. They will be coming to you in a new format on our new website. Stay tuned!)

A specific period of time with a specific focus. Leading us to a specific time of year…

A conversation that prepares us for the mourning of the crucifixion and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Conversation. Experience.

You will hear the word {experience} a lot on this site.

We only post to give you prompts to dig into words and experience conversation, music, creation, art… first hand!

 So… here’s the invitation!

A {call} - the Greek word means {an invitation}

A call to words within the context of conversation.

Words will take you to:

  • music

  • prayer

  • art

  • food

  • people

  • more conversation

And soon - a word that once you thought little of, will take on a life of its own.



Just show up.



Join us!

Ponder. 40 days.

CONVERSATION with the One we celebrate this season!

Are you in?

We "few" are offering:

  • Emails throughout the 40 days with a prompt to ponder

  • Verses to use as a springboard for your conversation with God

  • Prompts: music, prayers, art, classic books and ideas... all for you to experience God first hand

  • Tools to dig into the Word and make it 3d as you walk in it

  • Ideas on how to connect the invisible with the visible - the presence of God in the seen and unseen!

Your part:

  • Just decide. Decide to engage conversation with the Lord for 40 days

  • Remember. His priority is BEING with you. Not our activity level, but our conversation.

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  • Anyone who subscribes to this site will receive the emails for 40 days. So if you are already have subscribed to, you are signed up!

  • Go shopping! Yes... you need to buy a journal that you will FILL this 40 days.

  • Tell a friend. Or a few. Talk, wrestle, wonder… together! That was the plan all along.

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