In November - Partake in all the [GOOD] - [TOGETHER]!

This month -


A word we use a lot and yet it’s one we find hard to wrap our minds around.


Many times, a hard word to swallow and believe.


It is the FIRST thing recorded that God SAW!


What? Yes… Look at it. Read slowly. Take this in.

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

And God SAW that the light was GOOD. Genesis 1:4

He chose that word for some reason.

Clearly He is fond of this word/concept. It is used thousands of times in scripture!

Angels declare GOOD tidings of great joy! Apostles describe their message as GOOD news!

Jesus uses the word to self proclaim who He is, saying, “I am the GOOD shepherd.”

It is EVERYWHERE in scripture. Everywhere in creation. And it is IN US. (Galations 5!)


We say it and hear it so much we don’t think about the weight that GOOD carries.

Our everyday consists of…

“How are you?” “Good.”

“How was your day?” “Good.”

“Good morning!”

GOOD is loaded. Take this month and give it the space to speak and FORM you. See where this word takes you in conversation with God & others.

We invite you to PARTAKE of this word and its GOODNESS - TOGETHER.

It’s just a hunch. But I think if we can abide in the word GOOD… it will bring us to another level of gratefulness as we celebrate Thanksgiving. His goodness will manifest = appear = be made visible! We will remember His goodness toward us. And the good, perfect and living Words we find… will form our conversation and mindset.

An invitation to experience the word GOOD - [TOGETHER]!

I have TWO invitations for you to help you experience GOODNESS in the coming days & weeks before the crazy of the Christmas holidays!

An invitation to be TOGETHER!

And every day they devoted themselves [to meeting] TOGETHER in the temple complex, and broke bread from house to house. They ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart ——Acts 2:46

(Read all of Acts 2 if you can!)

TOGETHER = Greek word- [metalambano]

  • to partake

  • root word - [meta] = to change after being with

  • other root word - [lambano] = to aggressively take or receive

  • properly, to lay hold of with initiative which prompts “a change afterwards”

Think about that. Write it down. Scribble it somewhere. Make it stick - because it is IMPORTANT. Something happens when we are TOGETHER.

I challenge you. Invite you. Implore you. Ask you…


Get TOGETHER with a few to talk, pray and ponder the word GOOD.

  • Call a few and set 1-2 times on the calendar to get TOGETHER before the crazy of the holidays. This can be family, friends, old friends, someone you just met - anybody!

  • Meet in person or if necessary, get together via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype

  • Partake in words and pray them for each other.

  • Experience the exchange of giving & receiving as you DIG & DISCUSS!

Click the button/link below and tell us… you are going to Ponder-Together!

  • GOOD things happen when we know you are pondering out there! First off - someone on our team will be praying for you and your few!

  • Your name will be entered into a drawing! Yes! Christmas will come early! I want to give away a few of a my favorite books that will help you experience Words! ‘Tis the season!

  • We will connect you to people, resources and gatherings in your area - if you need some guidance on getting TOGETHER to ponder.


I invite you into these verses surrounding GOODness.

Psalm 23:5-6 - GOODNESS - Follows

Exodus 33:14,18-19 - GOODNESS - Passes before

Lamentations 3:24-25 - GOODNESS - Waiting & HOPE

Psalm 65:11 - GOODNESS -Crowns the year! (Week of Thanksgiving!)

(Always, always… read the verses surrounding. Get the context to build the setting.)

Use one verse for each week of November as a springboard to other words and verses. OR choose one verse to stay on. OR find your own verses. It doesn’t matter. Just choose.

I will lead through one verse a week on Instagram. GOOD stuff all month on Instagram. Stories & posts will give you CUES to keep pondering. Keep abiding! Dig in!

I pray that the God of all GOODNESS will speak loudly to you through His Word, His Sprit, His creation and His people!

May GOODNESS prepare you for the [GOOD TIDINGS of great JOY] coming in December - as we celebrate the birth of Christ!