The way of Jesus cannot be imposed or mapped —
it requires an active participation
in following Jesus
as he leads us through sometimes strange and unfamiliar territory,
in circumstances that become clear
only in the hesitations and questionings,
In the pauses and reflections
where we engage in prayerful conversation
with one another and with him.
— Eugene Peterson

“God created a movement out of nothing”

The past few years have left me in awe. I have been an eyewitness to something I have never seen before. God created a movement out of nothing. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t dream it or strategize it. It just happened.

It started at my kitchen table. I was full of questions. I had gotten to a point in life where knowing the right answers about God would not fix what I was going through. The exchange of information or added activity would not carry me any further.

With two friends, we started examining scripture, but only looked at one word at a time. We asked God to make each word become three-dimensional. Conversation with God became on-going. Awareness of God’s presence throughout the day was the result.

Word spread about what we now call “Ponder.” People, churches, camps. My husband suggested, “say ‘yes’ to whatever this is for two years.” So I said yes - and as people asked, I shared the experience with anyone who asked. Individuals, churches, groups, camps. I trained others to do the same. And so it began. A movement of God that was not planned. There was no strategy meeting. No mission statement. It was all revealed one word at a time. One conversation at a time. Person to person. From three to 1000’s.

People started using Ponder in their own lives, families, studies, classrooms, ministries and spaces. I regularly hear about Ponder being used by others in spaces around the country and the world.


“The variety is beautiful & refreshing!”

From church retreats where liturgy came alive in a new way to backrooms at restaurants with women at risk. Variety has defined Ponder. Women from every decade - from 20’s to 80’s gather together. Multi-generational is the norm for us. College guys meet with their small group and wrestle with words. Inner city girls meet before school in their classroom. People who have followed Jesus for decades and people who know nothing of Him. The diversity of age, race, gender, and economics have been refreshing!

The common response to Ponder is this; a desire to continue “pondering” and a desire to share it with others. Thus the spread has been exponential!

Many of you have your own story. Some of you have been eyewitnesses with me. Ponder has guided us and many others into first hand experience of the Word and the Spirit. Our stories all have a common thread. Change. A change in how we encounter words, pray words and how we engage the presence of God on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! Transformation. It can’t be measured, but it can be celebrated!

- Michelle Travis